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Devious Lair of the Dinosaur Cultists! Streamfest Adventure!

Devious Lair of the Dinosaur Cultists! is an interactive Twitch game for Dino Streamfest 15 by EvilTurnip.
Dino Cultists are trying to evoke a catastrophic event, erupting a volcano which will wipe out the nearby innocent village!
Use the !game command to add something for the characters to do.
!game get coin.
!game examine skeleton.
!game combine banana and boomerang.
!game give lit dynamite to clown.


Each character has two Special Abilities. Using an ability costs 1 Patience.

Elf Druid: Special Ability – Speak with Animals / Entangling Vines
Tabaxi (Catfolk) Rogue: Special Ability – Pick Locks / Disarm Traps
Gnome Wizard: Special Ability – Zap / Levitate Small Object
Human Paladin: Special Ability – Strength / Detect Evil

When a character’s Health or Patience hits zero, they can’t do anything and will have to “!game switch character”.
Characters regain Patience over time but not Health.
Characters can lose Health by doing dangerous things.
Characters can lose Patience by failing at tasks.
Special Abilities of each character cost 1 Patience to use.